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    Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Compliance Is At Risk!

    Cleanroom Glove Covid-Impact White Paper And Survey Reveal Alarming Results, Offer Solutions.

    There is little doubt that the global market chaos is compromising cleanroom glove standards and challenging SOP compliance in your controlled environments. 

    COVID has interrupted supply chains and disrupted manufacturing production/quality control on a global scale. Faced with these challenges, some are responding by substituting subpar materials (filler) into their product without any product change notifications.

    These deviations can jeopardize the integrity of your cleanroom gloves and controlled environments, putting your organization at risk whenever gloves make critical product or process contact.

    A recent survey of cleanrooms in the US uncovered these shocking statistics:

    • Over 66% said COVID has affected their organization very significantly
    • Over 63% said there has been a time in the last twelve months they were stocked out of gloves
    • Over 90% reported they have had to source alternate gloves
    • More than 81% of respondents have observed a change in their incumbent glove.

    View Survey Results

    In Valutek’s recent webinar, IEST Recommended Practices for Cleanroom Gloves and Finger Cots, we examined the impact of changes in our industry – what’s happening right now, how it affects cleanroom glove users, and what can be done to ensure your gloves and controlled environments are not compromised. You can view the state-of-the-industry webinar here:





    Valutek 12" Cuff Cleanroom Nitrile Glove | VTGNCRB12 Case of 1000


    Valutek has prepared a White Paper that explains everything you need to know to keep your organization safe and compliant. 

    Our Cleanroom Glove and COVID Impact White Paper is a comprehensive look at the factors affecting our industry, including:

    • Labor shortages
    • COVID case numbers and vaccine rates
    • Logistics interruptions
    • Raw Materials use, cost, and availability
    • Quality – substandard products entering the marketplace
    • Consumer practices, including hoarding and subsequent shortages
    • Skyrocketing pricing trends

       Download the White Paper


    Finding it difficult to keep gloves stocked for your controlled environment? 

    If you want to avoid stock-outs, and product substitutions, Valutek has gloves in inventory ready to ship out per your scheduled releases.

    Valutek gloves are chemically pure. They contain no fillers, pigments, accelerators, or sulfur. Don’t be misled by others’ claims of a glove’s cleanroom classification. All Valutek testing is as per the internationally recognized IEST standards. No other commercially available glove exceeds the Nanotek product line cleanliness level on particles, extractables, and NVR.



    Valutek Nitrile Glove Powder Free Bagged 9.5" Cuff | VTGNPFB95 1000/case


    We provide gloves for a wide variety of critical applications in the Life Science, Academia, and Advanced Materials market, and offer gloves in three substrates (Nitrile, Latex, PVC).

    Valutek has been helping to lead critical environment facilities to achieve their productivity and compliance objectives for more than three decades, serving the rigorous requirements of clients such as NASA, Medtronic, Global Foundries, and others.

    Whether your monthly glove consumption is one case or one pallet per size, Valutek can be your trusted and reliable partner to provide controlled environment gloves that will meet/exceed your internal SOPs today and tomorrow.




    Valutek Nitrile Gloves For ISO 5-6 Cleanroom | Powder-Free 12" Cuff White


    Try Them Before You Buy

    Request free samples to experience first-hand the quality difference.

    Don’t forget to read the Cleanroom Glove and COVID Impact, White Paper. Stay informed of critical changes that can impact your organization in today’s volatile marketplace, and know how to reduce risk and improve quality control. 





    Valutek is one of the first and few manufacturers to offer a full product portfolio of best-in-class cleanroom products. Since 1988, our controlled environment consumables are helping leading organizations operate their cleanrooms in a consistently stable state.