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    Cleanroom Wiper Selection Fundamentals: What You Need To Know

    Choose the wiper that is compatible with the facility and application.

    While it may seem easy and less confusing for operators and cleaning staff to have only one type of wiper to choose from at your facility, the "one and done" approach can have unintended consequences.


    [Part 1 in our Cleanroom Wiper Selection Fundamentals Series]


    Cross-contamination and compromised cleanliness levels can occur when a very clean wiper (lowest levels of particles) is used in less critical areas to wipe down surfaces or when a less clean wiper (higher level of particles) is used in a sensitive area of the cleanroom and for a critical product contact application. Instead of "one and done," your selection process should utilize documented standard operating procedures for each application or process.  


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    Start the selection process with your internal SOP.

    A wiper selection process that uses your internal SOPs will result in a wiper selection that meets the required cleanliness and performance characteristics. The internal SOP should document the product application, cleanroom consumables, cleaning solutions in use, surface or product touch points, and the required level of cleanliness.

    With this information, cleanroom wipers can be evaluated based on their performance criteria, which include absorbency, capacity, cleanliness level, edge treatment, and size. Without documented SOPs for cleaning and performance requirements for critical products, you jeopardize facility operations and process quality.


    The bottom line when it comes to selecting cleanroom wipers.

    Your SOPs for facility cleaning or process applications should drive your wiper selection process. To make the selection process easier, the Valutek Macrotek, Microtek, and Nanotek product classifications categorize wipers and other product lines based on cleanroom applications and cleanliness levels, helping you to make the correct product selection.

    Valutek also offers customized wiper solutions that allow you to choose any wiper substrate, in any size and edge treatment, any chemistry solution and concentration, in a pre-saturated wiper, ready for use right out of the package. 

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