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    Quality Matters: The Significance of Transparent Test Data

    For cleanroom consumables, consistent quality is critical to maintaining cleanliness standards. Because the organizations we support manage controlled environments with low margin for error, they typically require the most stringent and rigorous quality standards. Valutek takes that seriously — and our 35-year history is a testament to our dedication as a trusted supplier to our controlled environment customers. 

    Committed to Consistent Quality

    Partnering with customers who are market leaders in their industries drives our commitment to delivering consistent quality and performance across all of our product categories. Our documented processes of testing, validating, and publishing product performance data reflect our investment in product quality.

    Valutek doesn’t claim to manufacture the best or the cleanest cleanroom products — rather, our claim is for the most consistent products, and the data we publish supports this promise 

    Technical Data Sheet for Every Product

    Valutek provides in-depth technical data sheets for all cleanroom consumables manufactured. These data sheets detail important technical characteristics, including packaging information, physical properties, and technical performance data.

    Using repeatable, industry-standard test methods, we publish upper and lower limit ranges for our critical products so that customers know exactly what to expect when introducing the product to their process and a critical environment. We adhere to TAPPI, ASTM, and IEST standards and test methods where applicable, and our technical data sheets are publicly accessible online.

    Certificate of Conformance in 24 Hours

    When verification is required, Valutek’s Certificates of Conformance validate through lot-to-lot testing that a specific lot of a particular part number meets the product specifications published on the technical data sheet.

    Certificate requests are handled through our Customer Service department and are easy to submit through our website with the product number and product lot number to get started. Once your request is received, our goal is to provide your Certificate of Conformance report within 24 hours

    At Valutek, we are invested in the success of our customers and are proud of the reputation we have earned as a company that customers can trust. The best way to maintain this trust is through our continued commitment to quality, evidenced by our product consistency and transparency.

    Our goal is your cleanroom’s success — providing your operators with consistent quality products to ensure the best outcomes in your controlled environment.


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    Valutek is one of the first and few manufacturers to offer a full product portfolio of best-in-class cleanroom products. Since 1988, our controlled environment consumables are helping leading organizations operate their cleanrooms in a consistently stable state.