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    Valutek's Commitment to Quality Began 35 Years Ago

    Since our founding, quality has remained a core value of our business and central to our mission of helping critical environment customers achieve productivity, yield and compliance goals. With a sole focus on cleanroom consumables, Valutek has maintained its commitment to quality throughout its 35-year history, and built its reputation by consistently delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Through accountability, investment and transparency we reliably provide the best value to our customers.

    Accountability and Transparency Deliver Superior Products 

    We ensure quality by promoting ownership and accountability across departments and functions. Valutek’s senior leadership is actively involved and personally invested in the Quality Management System (QMS).

    Every Valutek team member is trained and encouraged to view all aspects of our business through a "quality-conscious" lens. This culture of ownership and accountability ensures transparency and aligns our organization in the shared effort of delighting customers by delivering consistent quality cleanroom products.

    We Never Stop Working for You

    Valutek's commitment to quality also drives our investment in continuous improvement and innovation in product solutions. Using the voice of the customer and a quality-focused mindset, we’ve designed and developed new products to meet the evolving needs of customers, who are typically at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and emerging markets.

    Valutek understands that variables or “surprises” in a controlled environment can negatively impact yield and compliance—our products are constantly evolving to reduce that risk, enabling our customers to focus on their process. 

    Hyper-Focused on Quality Products, Quality Performance

    The critical environment industry we’ve supported for 35 years demands the highest standards in quality and performance.  At Valutek, we apply statistical process control to monitor and control every aspect of our quality management system—this ensures that our products meet our rigorous internal standards and specifications before they can meet customer performance and compliance requirements.

    Over the years, Valutek's unwavering commitment to quality has helped to establish us as a leading brand in the cleanroom consumables industry. We are proud to offer the most consistent product quality and performance, and our success is rooted in our commitment to getting it right.

    Focusing on quality, best-in-class products, and exceptional customer service, our decades-long track record of repeat customers is all the validation we need that our commitment to quality makes a meaningful difference. 


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    Valutek is one of the first and few manufacturers to offer a full product portfolio of best-in-class cleanroom products. Since 1988, our controlled environment consumables are helping leading organizations operate their cleanrooms in a consistently stable state.