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    Consistent Quality Delivered by Statistical Process Control

    In critical cleanroom environments, it is essential to maintain the highest quality standards to prevent contamination and maintain cleanliness standards — yield, compliance, throughput, and profitability rely on it.  

    At Valutek, we are solely focused on supporting critical cleanroom environments. We understand that consistent quality and reliable performance, which matches our published specifications and is backed by Certificates of Conformance and Certificates of Analysis, builds trust and long-term relationships. We take that commitment a step further and offer a 36-month lot trending analysis on all critical products, by incorporating statistical process control (SPC).

    Monitor, Control, and Improve Manufacturing Processes

    We achieve consistent product quality and continue to improve all production with SPC, which we implement at every stage of our manufacturing processes. Our in-house quality personnel are empowered to investigate and implement corrective actions based on data.  

    Critical Product 36-month Lot Trending Analysis

    Our SPC ensures that our manufacturing processes meet our strict quality requirements. Using internationally accepted, repeatable, and standardized test methods, we rigorously test all production lots, analyzing the lot data and retaining the results and production samples for up to 3 years. We can provide a lot trending analysis of actual test results over an available 36-month period

    Very few other cleanroom consumable manufacturers publicly share in-depth analyses of their lot-to-lot consistency — but it’s just another way we invest in quality to protect customers against contamination and undesirable outcomes. Available upon request, the 36-month lot trending analysis is a valuable tool for your periodic verifications of product performance.

    Quality by Design, not by Accident

    Our Quality Management System (QMS) is a comprehensive, formal system that documents Valutek’s objectives, processes, procedures, and responsibilities for effective quality control. It’s how we ensure our products will consistently meet our strict quality standards and customer requirements; SPC is at the heart of this system. Continuously updated, the QMS continues to evolve and improve based on the data we collect.

    Before our products meet your stringent requirements, they need to meet ours. Our in-depth, scientific approach to quality control and our commitment to continuous improvement is intentionally designed to meet and exceed your controlled environment needs. With Valutek, you can trust that you are receiving the most consistent quality products and services for your critical cleanroom needs. 

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    Valutek is one of the first and few manufacturers to offer a full product portfolio of best-in-class cleanroom products. Since 1988, our controlled environment consumables are helping leading organizations operate their cleanrooms in a consistently stable state.